When you choose to support the Lungitude Foundation you are supporting vital translational clinical and research endeavours that will extend and save lives.

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Save Lives

Support our causes to improve the Australian lung transplant recipients average life expectancy of 7 years.

Feel Good

Helping others is rewarding and even life changing. Your support will impact children and adults, and in turn their wider community.

Improve Outcomes

Lung transplant clinical and research endeavours are making a difference, and not just for lung transplant recipients.

The Lungitude Foundation relies on the generosity of our supporters and partners through donations, fundraising initiatives, volunteering, donated goods & services, bequests, grants, business, philanthropic organisational funding and industry partnerships.

Annual lung transplants
Age of youngest lung recipient
Alfred post 5 year survival %
Years since first lung transplant

Australian statistics available as at 2018

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Current Board Opportunities

We are currently advertising for 2 Board Members to join us in a volunteer capacity. To learn more please download below.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

What is an Event Volunteer?

We run a variety of events co-ordinated by our Fundraising Committee. Occasionally we may require additional support at larger events or when we are short-staffed.

What would I be required to do?

If you agree to be an event volunteer your contact details would be noted. We would then contact you to check your availability with as much notice as possible. You are welcome to decline events if you are not able to assist at the time.

How do I become an Event Volunteer?

If you would like to apply to be an event volunteer please complete the volunteer form.

What is a Social Media Volunteer?

We are active on the following social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – which are managed by our social media co-ordinator. We are seeking supporters who can help spread our communications by sharing our posts with their own networks, and suggesting new content.

What would I be required to do?

If you agree to be a social media volunteer your contact details and social media platforms would be noted. You would then assist us by sharing any posts with your own network and most importantly making comments which will improve the traction and reach. We would also encourage use of preferred #hashtags. Training can be provided as required.

You would also be encouraged to suggest any relevant lung transplant or lung transplant research content or organisations to follow to our social media co-ordinator. If you are a patient, carer or supporter you may also like to provide your own story and photo for sharing.

You are of course welcome to take a break from posting if you are away or unwell.

How do I become a Social Media Volunteer?

If you would like to apply to be a social media volunteer please complete the volunteer form.

Apply to become a Volunteer

We will be in touch within the next 48 hours after we receive your submission.

*fields are mandatory

Run Your Own Fundraiser Supporting The Lungitude Foundation

Who can run a fundraiser in support of the Lungitude Foundation?

We would love your support and encourage everyone to run their own fundraiser with proceeds supporting the Lungitude Foundation. You may want to mark a milestone or just rally your friends and family to support a worthy cause.

Please note that understandably we will be unable to sanction fundraisers that involve organisations or activities that are contrary to our cause, dangerous or illegal e.g. tobacco manufacturers, jumping off a restricted pier to commence a water race, graffiti in public places, activities that could cause harm to participants or spectators etc. If you are not sure whether you or your intended activity will be accepted please feel free to Contact Us.

What is involved?

The requirements will vary depending on the type of fundraiser, the amount being raised and donated, if a raffle is involved etc.

Please Contact Us for a chat to discuss your proposed fundraiser and thank you for considering the Lungitude Foundation!

Not sure how to fundraise in support of the Lungitude Foundation? Below are some ideas that may inspire you! We can then discuss further with you to ensure your fundraiser meets any requirements we may have.

  • Organise a Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, High Tea or Dinner
  • Run a Trivia or Bingo Night
  • Participate in a Fun Run or Walk
  • Undertake a Challenge encouraging sponsorship
  • Host a Girls or Guys Night In
  • Celebrate a Milestone such as a transplant anniversary or birthday
  • Approach local venues to receive a Percentage of Ticket Entry
  • Organise a Gold Coin Donation Day at your work or club
  • Run a Gala Event
  • Organise a Raffle*
  • Search the Internet for more ideas or Contact Us!

*Raffle requirements vary depending on the State or Territory