The Lungitude Foundation is proud to be making a difference.

Clinical and research endeavours supported by the Lungitude Foundation benefit the lives of people who need or receive a lung transplant, on a national and global scale. All research funded by the Lungitude Foundation is translational, ‘bench to bedside’ health and medical research – which means research undertaken in the lab (‘the bench’) or in the clinics by the research teams, is translated into treatments or therapies that benefit people at the ‘bedside’ as soon as possible.

The Lungitude Foundation partners with leading medical and health organisations in the field of lung transplantation. We are a major benefactor of The Alfred Hospital Lung Transplant Research Team which is a world leader in optimising patient outcomes following lung transplantation.

The Alfred’s patient outcomes following lung transplantation remain the world’s best with 96% @ 1year and 74% @ 5year survival rates; figures that are significantly better than those reported by the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation Registry.

Our focus on promoting clinical and research excellence has very realistic prospects of improving the health of all transplant patients, not just lung transplant recipients.

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